Graco Shelby Classic Convertible Crib

Convertible Baby Crib Review by Steffany P.

Convertible Baby Crib
I just love this site and wanted to share my baby crib review with everyone. I ended up buying a convertible baby crib so that I could use it as my baby grew. When I was looking for a crib for my son, I had no idea what an island crib was or what a “classic” meant. After reading some of the experiences of some of the other mothers-to-be, I felt confident in my purchase. I bought the Graco Shelby Classic 4 in 1 Convertible Crib

With little Tyler on the way, I started looking for one that was reasonably priced but looked nice. And since I live in a smallish condo, space was an important factor for me. Like most moms-to-be, I looked around some baby stores and found them to be a great resource but they can’t match the prices I found at Amazon. You can check out the prices here: Graco Shelby Classic at Amazon

I paid $209 and it came with free shipping, so I was very willing to try it out. I cannot tell you how much I love this for the price. A comparable value at the local baby store in the mall was over $300.

Anyway, this convertible crib is so beautiful to look at and so easy to put together. I actually started getting everything together for my husband to put it together when he got home from work but when I started, everything was so easy that I finished it myself.

I can not more highly recommend this one. It is truly beautiful and practical!

Convertible baby cribs

Some reviews from Amazon:

Not only so beautiful in person but it was a breeze to put together.

Very sturdy and I would highly recommend to anyone.

Beautiful & Different
I was looking for a crib that had a tad of an eclectic flair and I am happy to say I found it.

Love it!
Quick and hassle-free set up with good instructions. By far the easiest piece of baby equipment we’ve put together. Nice, solid feel to the wood.

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Thanks to Steffany P for this Graco Shelby Convertible review!

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